Series 2002

Series 2002 aluminium AC supportPorte-climatiseur en aluminium Série 2002

The Series 2002 AC support with openable flap is designed for systems mounted on external walls (mainly thin) of new, existing, provisional or temporary structures.

This type of system is inexpensive and useful for various needs when mounting “monobloc window air conditioners” in the relevant structures.

The flap that opens outwards can bear the entire weight of the air conditioner without having to mount brackets on the outside of the wall; moreover, if the air conditioner is not used, the openable flap can be closed and the resulting window will have the same tightness of a normal window. This type of system is ideal for being mounted in structures that are rented out.

Technical Characteristics

Extruded profiles made of 6060 aluminium alloy (EN 573-3), with T5 supply condition (EN 515) and tolerances on dimensions and thickness conforming to UNI EN 12020.2 and/or UNI EN 755-9.
Sealing system consisting of a plastic gasket on 3 sides of the frame.
Profiles designed mainly for external-fitting solutions.
Height of sash panel fit: 7 mm.
Flap overlap: 4 mm.
Depth of fixed frame: 40 mm.
Sash depth: 26 mm; space for sash panels: 5 mm.
Aluminium hinges with steel pin.
Sash stop system consisting of a pair of a steel chains or jointed arm.
Closing system with a black nylon ratchet.
Surface treatment of profiles: anodising or coating with QUALANOD/QUALICOAT quality mark by specialised QUALITAL-certified companies.


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