MD system

Modern design for prefabricated structures

Windows and doors mounted inside prefabricated structures are a crucial construction element, as they allow light to enter, ensure ventilation of the spaces and their exposure to sunlight, besides connecting the internal and external environments.

The Piva Group has always been attentive to eco-sustainability issues. Now, with the MD series, the company proposes an extremely high-performance window with PassiveHouse certification, in tune with the “green” and “zero consumption” philosophy.

passive house

What makes the MD System unique?

The MD System is a unique and innovative system with 3 gaskets, constructed with a 7-chamber frame that is 115.5 mm thick and has a 76 mm-thick sash. Either L- or Z-shaped, it can be fitted internally or externally and can house glass panels up to 48 mm thick (including triple glazing).

MD is the perfect window for prefabricated structures which require excellent performances in terms of resistance to air, water and wind. Moreover, its modern design with square lines makes it also visually appealing.

What makes the MD System unique?Products of certified quality

The satisfaction of our customers essentially depends on their expectations and on our ability to deliver what we promise. Certifications are the tool that ensure we can keep our promises and satisfy the expectations on a given product.

The MD System has passed stringent certification tests making it suitable for fulfilling the standards envisaged in the PassiveHouse Certification (*).

(*) Additional advantages of this system include the sash with reinforcement to improve the static performance of the glass and the possibility of adding EPS inserts with graphite on the bottom part of the frame, to improve the thermal insulation properties.