PVC doors

PVC for Industrial and Prefabricated Buildings

The choice of the materials to build windows and doors fitted in industrial spaces becomes crucial when we consider characteristics such as temperature maintenance, acoustic insulation, durability, energy saving and cost containment.

PVC windows and doors are highly versatile, have good mechanical properties and resistance to abrasion, wear and ageing, chemical agents and fungi and bacteria attacks. Moreover, PVC is a lightweight, water-repellent, scarcely flammable and self-extinguishing material.

PVC is also extremely malleable, which makes it suitable for creating various shapes of windows.


We design and propose different solutions that adapt to any interior outfitting arrangement and blend perfectly into any industrial context. We also provide all the necessary information on performances and the available technical solutions.

Fire Prevention

PVC is a fire-retardant polymer. The presence of chlorine optimises the fire reaction of PVC, enabling it to slow down the flame’s propagation.