Piva Saliscendi

Window with roller shutter

Technical Characteristics

White rigid PVC extruded profiles.
Sealing system with EPDM co-extruded gaskets on the sash and frame.
Flap overlap: 6 mm, sash/frame lateral overlap: 5 mm.
Depth of fixed frame: 77 mm.
Sash depth 27 mm.
Upper fixed external compartment with 17 mm insulating glazing.
Lower vertically openable compartment with 23 mm insulating glazing.
Closing system with white nylon handle.
Opening system sliding on friction mechanisms inserted in the profile.
Possibility of surface coating carried out by leading specialised and certified companies.
Possibility of applying an external sliding screen and an internal Venetian blind.
Possibility of fastening system with clips.

Air permeability Class 1 as per the EN 12207 standard
Water tightness Class 8A/3A as per the EN 12208 standard
Thermal performance Calculated according to the EN ISO 10077-1/2 standard
Wind resistance Class C4/E2500 as per the EN 12210 standard
Fire reaction DIN 4102 B1

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