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Piva Group was founded in 2005 but traces its roots to the expertise of two Italian companies, Mondial Infissi for the construction of aluminium doors and windows, and Pannelli System for the creation of insulated panels. 

Over the years, the company has extended its range with increasingly efficient products that are also environment-friendly, with the manufacture of PVC windows and doors.

The broad range of products is the result of extensive research activities, choice raw materials and attention to market needs.

In its quest for new techniques to develop innovative products, in a constantly evolving market, the Piva brand has become known throughout in Italy but also on the international markets, including Spain, USA, Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Australia. The Piva Group divisions pursue excellence in their effort to strike the ideal balance between industrial production and skilled artisan craftsmanship, to create a product of certified quality to propose sustainable and safe products to customers.


Nowadays, the Piva brand has earned a prestigious reputation in the building sector, thanks to its versatile production, the high quality of its products and the considerable experience acquired.

The excellence and quality of the products are not altered by exposure to sunlight, rain, sudden temperature changes and pollutants present in the air, and retaining all their aesthetic and mechanical characteristics over time.

Products of the Piva Group brand can be used in any situation, including restoration jobs and the refurbishment of contemporary architecture. The product range is complemented by energy saving and high thermal and acoustic performances.

The company is always poised to satisfy the needs of its customers and “future” is its key word.

Mission and values

Though we are a large company with an international dimension, we remain firmly rooted in our country. 

We aspire to become the undisputed leaders in our sector, because we work with passion and energy in an ongoing quest to conquer new heights.

We live in the present but set our sights on the future, so we can timely respond to the market’s requirements, in harmony with the environment.

We foster a sense of belonging and establish relationships based on trust with the people who approach our company, so that we can all feel part of a grand project.

Piva Group S.p.A.
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Via Roma, 139 - 37060 Roncanova di Gazzo Veronese (VR), Italy
E-mail: info@pivagroupspa.com
VAT No./Tax No. and Business Register No. VR 03427790237
Fully paid-up share cap. € 7,000,000

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