Pannelli System

Insulating Architectures

Since 1986 we have been producing insulating panels for civil and industrial applications. We offer and develop insulating solutions that blend choice materials and safety to create innovative projects capable of enhancing the concepts of our customers, using safe and efficient materials.

Product Ranges

Pannelli System manufactures various types of insulated panels produced with continuous and discontinuous systems, using polyurethane foam (PUR), polyisocyanurate (PIR), expanded and extruded polystyrene and mineral wool as insulating materials.

The company boasts an extensive range of products subjected to constant checks, from the raw materials to the finished product, to guarantee high and consistent quality standards throughout all processing phases.

4 elements set us apart!


We analyse, assess and manage each customer need by proposing effective solutions.


We propose innovative products and solutions that reflect the market trends of the future. Teamwork, best practices and knowledge of the product drive our incessant research and development process.


Enthusiasm and professional synergies help us to develop new ideas to offer our customers a premium-quality service.


We combine our experience and specialist know-how with the ability to find and propose practical and feasible solutions to fully satisfy our customer’s requests.

We enhance your building

Thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, sound absorbency, airtightness and protection against fire are but some of the properties characterising the products of the Pannelli System division. Certified products that fully conform to international standards.

Th Pannelli System division performs all the integrated activities required to complete the work, including technical analyses, economic evaluation, measurements and data acquisition for drawing up the offer.

The management of the various tasks is coordinated and integrated step-by-step, in order to control the costs, product quality and execution times, through design phases and a consolidated and integrated method.

Pannelli System

A certified division

Fire reaction

The Pannelli System division possesses the SBI European certifications in accordance with the UNI EN 13501-1 standard.
The System PRT and System COP polyurethane foam panels, depending on the type of polyurethane insulating material used, are certified for various levels of fire reaction, including Bs2d0 and Bs3d0.
Another important result obtained for polyurethane roofing panels, in the fire reaction field, is the Broof (T3) rating (external fire exposure reaction), according to the UNI EN 13501 method.
The System MNR Fibra and System CPT Fibra panels have instead obtained the A2s1d0 fire reaction rating.

Resistance to fire

The Pannelli System division possesses the European SBI certifications in accordance with the UNI EN 13501-2 standard.
Panels manufactured with polyurethane foam (PIR – polyisocyanurate) have obtained a fire-resistance rating of 30' (EI 30).
The panels manufactured with mineral wool have obtained a fire-resistance rating of 30' (EI 30), 60' (EI 60), 90' (EI 90), 120' (EI 120), 180' (EI 180).

CE marking

With reference to the EN 14509:2013 standard, the Pannelli System division has obtained the EC certificate of conformity no. 0497/CPR/3349, which allows for labelling with the CE mark the System PRT and System COP panels, and the EC certificate of conformity no. 0497/CPR/3350 for labelling with the CE mark the System MNR FIBRA and System CPT FIBRA panels.

Tailor-Made - everything starts from an idea

The creation of “Tailor-Made” panels is the gem in the crown of Pannelli System. Tailor-Made is more than a mere service: it is an actual experience that starts with an idea and is enriched by passion and expertise.